A Good Man



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It's a hot summer day at The Good Shepherd Funeral Parlor and Martin Lamb, the mortician, is presiding over the wake of the late Walter Porteus. His dream of the perfect wake is undermined by his son Jimmy, whose interests are more amorous than funeral, and by the conniving Porteus family members who are already clashing over the will.

To further inflame matters, the air-conditioning breaks down and the wrong body turns up in the casket, then a mysterious mourner turns up and a valuable piece of jewellery disappears. When the air-conditioning repairman pulls a gun and decides to hold them all hostage, things start to get really interesting...

Dates: Friday 28 July @ 8pm, Saturday 29 July @ 2pm, Sunday 20 July @ 2pm, Thursday 3 August @ 8pm, Friday 4 August @ 8pm, Saturday 5 August @ 8pm, Sunday 6 August @ 2pm

Written by Frederick Stroppel

Directed by Colleen Boyle

  At the Sutherland Memorial School of Arts, 25 East Parade Sutherland NSW 2232


 Jimmy Lamb - Nathan Steel

Mr Lamb - Tony Girdler

Sharon Muldoon - Christiane Brawley

Douglas Porteus - Brian May

 Andrew Porteus - Sean Bermingham

Gloria Porteus - Pauline Gardner

Yolanda Kamola - Laura Bailey

Norma Czerniawski - Sarah Loxley

Bobby Gelardi - David Delaney


Performance Dates

Friday 28th July @ 8pm 

 Saturday 29th July @ 2pm

Sunday 30th July @ 2pm

Thursday 3rd August @ 8pm (Charity performance)

 Friday 4th August @ 8pm

 Saturday 5th August @ 8pm

Sunday 6th August @ 2pm