Future Productions

  Weekend Comedy


Written by Sam and Jeanne Bobrick 

Directed by Chris Andrews 

Peggy and Frank Jackson are a hard-working couple who have been married for over twenty years. In an attempt to revive their flagging love life, Peggy drags Frank on a romantic getaway to a one-bedroom cabin in the mountains. Just as Peggy manages to get Frank interested in a bit of romance, they are abruptly interrupted by the arrival of Jill and Tony; a young dating couple who have unwittingly booked the same cabin for the same weekend. What follows is a comedic clash between generations.

Dates: Friday 6th November 8pm, Saturday 7th November 2pm, Sunday 8th November 2pm, Thursday 12th November 8pm, Friday 13th November 8pm, Saturday 14th November 8pm, Sunday 15th November 2pm. 


Beyond Caring 

Written and Directed by Scott Brawley and Robert Stewart

 With their mother recently passed away, middle-aged siblings Brian, Russell and Linda have to navigate her passing, along with their own personal issues. Brian has pressing financial problems, Russell and his wife are struggling with fertility issues, and Linda has to forge a new life after being a long term carer. Mum's house is a prime piece of real estate, and its sale would solve everyone's problems - or would it? Can these three siblings find their way back to each other without the unifying force of their mother? 

Dates: Friday 4th March 8pm, Saturday 5th March 2pm, Sunday 6th March 2pm, Thursday 10th March 8pm, Friday 11th March 8pm, Saturday 12th March 8pm, Sunday 13th March 2pm.


The Final Test

Written by Chris Paling

Directed by Colleen Boyle 

Peter believes that he's had a long and happy marriage with Ruth. She likes to travel, he likes listening to the cricket. One afternoon while Peter is lazing in his deckchair, his wife announces that she has sold the house and is leaving him. When the new owners move in, they discover that with their new house comes a middle-aged, cricket loving squatter who refuses to move out of their garden...

Dates:  Friday 29th July 8pm, Saturday 30th July 2pm, Sunday 31st July 2pm, Thursday 4th August 8pm, Friday 5th August 8pm, Saturday 6th August 8pm, Sunday 7th August 2pm.

Don't Talk to the Actors

Written by Tom Dudzick

Directed by David Delaney 

The best laid plans go awry when the cast and crew of a play resort to manipulation, diva-like behaviour and chaotic abandon to get what they want. Fledgling playwright Jerry Przpezniak and his fiancee are a couple of amateurs suddenly swept up in the whirlwind of the professional theatre scene when Jerry's play is optioned for big money in the ego-driven theatre world. It's a young playwright's dream, but the crazy characters and dilemmas they encounter are the stuff that theatrical nightmares are made of.

Dates: Friday 11th November 8pm, Saturday 12th November 2pm, Sunday 13th November 2pm, Thursday 17th November 8pm, Friday 18th November 8pm, Saturday 19th November 8pm, Sunday 20th November 2pm.

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